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New features added - alan sh - 30-08-2015

I have added three new features (so far)

1. A General announcement banner at the top of the main page. Administrators (we have 3) can edit this to show new information which may be of interest to everyone.
2. A "Thanks" button. If you think someone has posted or replied to a post which you find useful, you can click on the "thanks" button near the bottom of the post to thank the author
3. Guests and not-yet-activated users cannot click on any links in posts.

More to follow as I get to grips with this forum (it's much better than the old one).



RE: New features added - alan sh - 30-08-2015

One more feature - You can upload images easily without using up our limited attachment space.

RE: New features added - alan sh - 30-08-2015

Added another feature to limit spammers. You need to have 2 posts before you can post links in your message or signature.

Let me know if this causes issues with real users.