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new member - marktrower - 12-02-2019

now got plenty of time now a rta finished my working career started riding again last year but not one of my honda's .i prefer the older bikes and now heavy into this time in the shed is a 1961 honda ca77 a 1965 honda cb77 making in to a cyb replica with my own twist a 1971 honda c90 a 1981 honda cb750fb that i had the tumble on got back of the insurance plus a honda ft500 honda 400 superdream and a honda xbr500. i have a number of other bikes but there for other forums. i am a south yorkshire lad will be out and about on the bikes this summer but still unable to ride far.

RE: new member - Jimmyb - 13-02-2019

Mark hi and welcome to the forum from Somerset

RE: new member - Classic Honda - 13-02-2019

Welcome to the forum. I have a few older Hondas too.



RE: new member - marktrower - 15-02-2019

this weather as made me blow the cobwebs of the superdream two new tyres to fit for the mot and it will be back as my runabout'i do have modern bikes but they are not honda's.had the superdream about 10 years now i know they have a reputation but who cares i like the bike .my problem i acquire but do not like parting with what i acquire.more involved with the restoration side but this year will be riding more.

RE: new member - alan sh - 18-02-2019

(13-02-2019, 06:40 PM)Classic Honda Wrote: Welcome to the forum. I have a few older Hondas too.



A few????? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin