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Just got here!
Hi all just found this forum! hoping to bring back and modernise my 2005 cbf600. its got a few problems at the moment that im trying to fix and any hints and tips are welcome!  Big Grin

Im currently fixing my exhaust which has a copper washer blown as i believe so im putting a nice full system black widow on as well as new engine studs to mount it too. I've just put on a givi v47 top box with the brake lights and pillion pillow, need to do the cam chain or the tensioner as its rattling, and my neutral light is flickering so need to sort that. im waiting on a puig raptor screen to be delivered to fit onto the front to clean it off, im also thinking about changing the handlebars to a lower more leaned in style and changing the sprockets sizes for more torque, and about modernising it i have seen somewhere that someone has put a full digital display on an older bandit and was wondering if i could do the same as im not a massive fan of the analogue clocks.

Many thanks!

CBF600 rider

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