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Change of Venue for West Yorks Meetings
Hi all, the place we meet and have our rally has been flooded in the recent bad weather and is closed for now, we dont know how long they will be closed so January's meeting had to be cancelled but we will find a temp place for Feb watch the web site and here for details, they were hit bad so might be months we don't know we have been down to offer any help but theres little we can do. West Yorkshires web site is West Yorkshires Web SiteĀ 

[Image: Esholt%20Under%20water.jpg]

This was the day it happened anyone who has been to our Eee by gum rally will know how bad this is....

[Image: Esholt%20club%204th%20jan.jpg]

This was the 4th Jan so better but still bad cricket pitch is still 2 to 3 foot under water...

Maria has started a page to raise money for the flood victims further down the valley where it was the houses that flooded and bad again the water was up to the roof downstairs so people have lost everything as they couldn't get insurance. If you can help please have a look at the Go fund page...

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