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I am trying to insure the above Honda which is 41 years old. I would only use it during the summer just for country laning. I have tried all the suggested companies and I am shocked by the premiums quoted. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
This is my first post on the forum so hello to all. I have been in the motorcycle trade for a number of years in my earlier working life being employed by a Honda dealer for a number of years.
I just feel the urge to have a potter on my little Honda, but without major cost.
Can you quote some figures please?
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 
Thanks, I have been quoted from £80 up to £140 third party only. Carol Nash being one of the most expensive. Tried Bennetts and one or two others that have been suggested. One even quoted cheaper for fire and theft. How does that work ? At the end of the day insurance will cost a good part of the Honda`s value. Probably only cover less than 200 miles all year.
I understand these days that fully comp can be cheaper than 3PF&T, don't know why, but its what I have been told.

Jimmy B
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Keep the Rubber Side down

Try Peter James Insurance. You ain't going to get insured for £20 though, if that's what you're hoping!
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 
I would of thought £80 was quite good...
I just paid £77 for a Honda NSR125R for TPFT with The Post Office
£80 sounds pretty good in this day and age to me.


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