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Is this forum any use
(30-10-2017, 11:17 PM)Classic Honda Wrote: Perhaps it was a shame this wasn't mentioned at the AGM yesterday?

I tried to get it raised at the Exec meeting (I am not on the exec, so I couldn't attend in person). There was no support there for this forum and I had a letter from Graham saying that - and it needs active participation from HOC leadership to keep it going. I also asked that it be mentioned in the Golden Wing magazine - but it has not been.

Now, I know we have had a lot of changes recently but I am not going to keep putting effort into maintaining it if there is no point.

I would love it to grow - but you only have to look at the number of posts and replies to see the apathy. I compare it to the other forum I run - and the difference is amazing. But maybe that's the issue - this forum is too generic and needs a specific focus.

Should I start one for (for example) Honda Classic Bikes? It's easy to set one up - but needs someone to administer it.

Your thoughts appreciated.

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Alan, as I had said previous, i like the forum as opposed to other social media platforms, however I have to agree that without use and support from the management this forum's days are numbered.

Jimmy B
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Well there is an HOC Facebook page (have you found it yet?), but some of us on here aren't enthusiastic about using Facebook, while some of the HOC Facebook addicts don't visit here anymore, despite having registered. I don't think that paid-up HOC members are in the majority on here though. Shame too, that there are so many that have registered on here who have never posted anything on any subject whatsoever!
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 
They have a direct to here so that's good.
Thats good - so things may be improving.

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Owns a CBF1000 FAC and a CB1300SA-A

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