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Trip to Japan - ideas
Hi, I'm off to tokyo in a week or so and wondered if any members had recommendations for places to visit, looking at the Honda museum but also thinking anything interesting, bike shops etc?
Any and all suggestions welcome, would really like to trawl through some breakers but don't think my wife will quite be up for that.......
thanks in advance,
Hi Matt

Japan is a fascinating place, lots to see and do. There is a street in Tokyo that is full of shops specialising in custom parts, mostly for cub and monkey bikes but others also. I can't remember it's name but it's easy enough to find, most people know of it. Mount Fuji is a must, Yokohama is nice place on the coast just outside Tokyo. If you are travelling South Kyoto (former capital city) is an amazing place full of old temples and palaces. Ride the Bullet Train.


Hi Chris, thanks for the info, bullet train booked :o)
will look out for the street in Tokyo, you never know I may find a bargain.
Bit of a delay in replying as not been able to get on the forum....

Fantastic place, nicest and most polite people i have ever met. Lots of old bikes too, Police on CB1300s :o)
Real mix of all makes and ages of machines.
Definitely going back to Zeta one bike shop but need to learn the language so I can haggle and bag me a bargain.......

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