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Classic Honda
Good Evening,

I'm very happy to be posting on this illustrious site, having recently joined the HOC.  I realise that this is the forum for introducing oneself, so if I cough that my first (on road) venture on two wheels was a Lambretta LD 125 in 1970, you will understand my heritage!  Over the years many two, three and four wheeled vehicles have come and gone.  Where possible I now spend my time restoring classic old bikes, predominantly British - I currently run road legal a BSA single pot B40 (1964) and BSA Bantam D7 (1960).  Whilst my main interest to date was old British bikes, (there is nothing like finishing a long run with more oil in your socks than in the sump!) my head was turned by a Honda CM 400 T (1980) which looked like it needed a lot of love and affection.  Imported from the USA a couple of years ago, she now sits in my garage whilst I arrange for some new rubber booties, and try to find out why she won't run like the well oiled machine for which the Honda marque is renowned.  Having changed the coil, HT leads and plugs, I suspect the carbs may be the next port of call.  It would be great to correspond, email, meet with anyone interested in this restoration project who can help me along the way!

Best to you all,

Hallo Clive, looks like you have a project for the winter months, and I'm in the same boat. I bought a 1981 CB 400N Euro Sport earlier this year and have spent much too much time riding it around instead of giving it the effort it deserves (apart from normal maintenance of course) . Now it's winter time there are no longer any excuses not do anything, so it's into the cold garage to do things...

The first lesson I learnt about Hondas is this: it's so very easy to take things apart, especially the wiring maze behind the headlight - but plan a few hours and mugs of tea getting all those pesky wires back in again.. Or grow tiny little fingers...

The second lesson I learnt was 'Contact spray', it's a bit like Jesus coming down to give you a hand. Switch don't work - contact spray it - miracle happens - switch works... Easy as... I tried it at the local Disco - it works there too...

Lesson the third hasn't yet been learnt - but soon will be... The bike runs rich (I think), so I'm either going to have a long look at the carbs or take the air-filter out (as the previous owner did). Or... take it to a local dealer who has a (mechanic) pensioner who knows what carbs are - but when the work's been done, the bill is going to be more than I paid for the bike... Or I could fiddle around with my tiny lil screwdriver - what could possibly go wrong ?

So, as I said, same boat and it's going to be 'learning by doing' for the foreseeable future... And here the adventure starts...

Blues Skies and a garage heater (or a very, very understanding wife)... Chris

PS. My motto:     Melius est stricta et solutam Nimis - (Too loose is better than too tight)


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