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what can i do!
hey guys ive just joined and im wondering what i can do to my 2005 cbf600 na. I've got a full system exhaust to put on it, more because it needs it than i want it but oh well  Big Grin im also going to be changing the chain and sprockets on it to -2 front and +3 rear just to have a good amount of torque and some fun however could i get a speed healer or something like it for it ive ordered a puig raptor screen to clean up the front end im thinking of getting a fender extender for the front and a hugger for the rear (but they're so expensive!) wanting a set of crash bungs and LED rear lights. is there anything else i can add to it to improve the look and modernise it a bit more? 

many thanks

CBF600 rider
What about a gear indicator and some spotlights to go on the crash bars

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