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Just thought I'd say hello as I have just been 'activated' 

Bikes consist of a CB400rr Baby Blade, (pic) 400/4 supersport and a CB750KZ.

I have a few others but not sure if Kawasaki, Triumph, Suzuki (well it is an RGV250) and Ducati are allowed Cool 

It's the 750 that's giving me grief, namely the exhaust brackets. I have the original Sankei exhausts but can't find the right brackets so any ideas, help or even a drawing would be appreciated.

It's a T reg 1979 Cb 750KZ so one of the first twin cams !!  


Hi and welcome to the forum. I had a 79 750KZ which I thought was a very maligned bike, I covered a lot of miles with mine in a very short time. I also own a 74 CB400F0 ex USA. Never had a CBR400RR but have the better cousin the VFR400R NC30 Big Grin

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