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New member, time to get back on the saddle
A brief hello, I’m sure I’ll talk to more of you in further detail as time goes on.

A bit about me, I’ve been out of regular riding for a few years and have an 01 CBR FS which I’ve owned for quite a while but is in now in need of new downpipes and a good service as I’ve not ridden it for some time due to other commitments.

A recent move of home which comes complete with a nice sized garage Big Grin means I’ll likely tinker with the FS and get it back to it’s former glory while I look for my next long term bike, a blackbird.

Ive seen many good reviews on the blackbird, I like the Honda build quality and this bike seems to tick all the boxes, I just need to get on one to make sure if feels right, then find one I’m happy with.

Anyway, look forward to the next purchase and seeing what happens on this forum,  speak soon!!
Cbrdan, welcome to the forum.

Jimmy B
[Image: eagle1.gif]

Keep the Rubber Side down

Hi and welcome.


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