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At the weekend I found that my insurance had expired on my bike, so I gave them a call

I accepted a quote of £165 , but I did think it was very high

The next day I was concerned as to why it had cost me so much , so I did an insurance comparison (Meerkat) and found MCE offering exactly the same insurance for £125. On this I phoned them up and was told to cancel would cost £30 , as they would not refund. I confirmed the cancellation, and insured with another company, which would cover all my motorbikes.

Then today in my bank I see the refund from MCE for £102 , when I was told to expect £135

Never again will MCE see my cash the robbing Bas****s
I thought you always had 14 days to back out with no costs - look up distance selling.

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When I agreed the contract, they back dated the start of the cover by 2 days , so point 2 below comes in to play

But there are some contracts you can’t cancel simply because you change your mind, including:
1 contracts for transport and some leisure services to be provided on a specific date, eg hotel bookings, flights, car hire, concert and other event tickets
2 contracts for services where you agreed to the service starting before the seven working days has expired - as long as the seller has provided all the information detailed above.

I may have lost money to MCE , but I got a great deal from Footman James

2 classic (older than 15 years) bikes with fixed agreed values for £132

Also , just found this:-

The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling ) Regulations do not cover any of the following purchases:
• financial services such as insurance, personal pension, investment or payment service
• sale of land or buildings except for certain rental agreements
• sale of land plus construction of buildings (a contract to construct when the land is already owned by you would be covered)
• long-term rental agreements (three years or more in England and Wales, one year or more in Scotland)
• auctions
• internet auctions, unless you use a ‘buy now’ function, rather than bidding.
• purchases from vending machines or automated commercial premise
• the use of a telecommunications operator through a public payphone
I’m with Bikesure been here 2 years now very happy with quote 2 nd time round they chopped £100 automatically without being asked so happy.
I’ve had dealings with MCE in past they are CRAP when u want claim give u general run around passed pillar to post rather give straight forward answer. Sadly same applies to Bennett’s another cowboy
I’m with MCE only people I could get courier insurance with robbing basts !
My mate was with them and had all sorts of probs after been taken off by a car driver he is having to fight for compo for injuries through a no win no fee service so will lose 20% when sorted i thought thats why we paid insurance to get fighting the case i know Carole Nash cover everything.

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