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problem with cb125s (1976)
hi can anybody advice me i'm getting oil into the alternator is that right
the  work shop manual does not help
i was thought it was the oil seal on the crank shaft
but the parts dealers were asking are you sure it has a crank shaft seal,when you take the bottom cover off for timing marks it  splashes out,but if you take the alternator you can see the timing chain
,i'm stumped as to me oul and electric dont mix Huh
Lots of alternators get splashed with oil by design, so it's not a problem. Same issue with oil leakage with doing the timing on my old CB200 way back when, but I did it statically, not with a strobe, so it was less messy...
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 
thankyou for the information
It's a big help

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