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Germansky rookie from Düsseldorf
I’m a Germansky rookie from Düsseldorf and own my XL600R thumper since 1983. I’m no member yet but I think about it. I think as well to come to the meeting 20. Sept. at Seawick. May foreign non-members participate and what do I have to expect in case? Huh
Hi Gabe. If you're not a fully paid-up HOC member, and have pre-paid for accommodation, I don't think you will be able to just turn up and join the National Rally at Seawick. That's why members pay up-front - think of it as a private party. You may be able to join the ride-outs though, and being foreign shouldn't be a problem.
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 
Hi [b]Red V Four[/b]

Thanx for your open opinion.

I took up contact with Alan and he forwarded me to Graham Gull, the membership secretary. I'm still waiting for his reply.
I hope to solve the membership entry before th meeting.

How much does it make sense of a foreign membership?
Unless accommodation is still available at the National Rally, and can be arranged in sufficient time, you won't be able to attend as it all has to be pre-paid. I don't think gatecrashers will be welcome at the party...
Not much point in you being a member if you are in Germany, unless you come to the UK a lot and visit the many branches and join their activities.
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 
Hi Red V Four

I will never do so, I'ld never crashgate anything.

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