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I went with BikeSure for my insurance and must say I find them very reasonable and nice to talk to on the phone. I've changed a few bits on my bike since I bought it, and added a top box but they didn't even ask for an admin fee to add them on. 

Only downside is that they seem to work the same hours as me, making it a bit difficult to contact them.
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I personally found Bikesure to be expensive, especially as they are supposed to give BMF members discount, I'm with LV.

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I tried BikeSure today as they are recommended in the Owners' Club mag, and I found them basically to be a waste of time - ages on the phone and I got nowhere. I am a retired claims investigator myself so am acutely aware of insurance practice and principles - best possible risk. For a 65 year old with no convictions, accidents etc, never having made a motorcycle claim in my life, for my Anniversary CBR600F they wanted an astronomical premium and for me to carry a £500 excess
Been with Carole Nash for years always have to phone when the renewal comes in but they always give a good price low excess and covers everything.

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