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This forum will be closing
The HOC Exec committee have decided that this forum serves little purpose when we have Public and private Facebook pages and a group for Classic Hondas. New registrations have been disabled and at sometime in the future it will be closed down.

For information on all things HOC, please visit

For Facebook, visit

For all things Honda Classic, please visit

All email addresses for HOC matters can be found here

If you have any questions on this, feel free to reply here.

Thank you for all your posts and help over the last few years.

Forum Administrator
Forum admin for CB1300 forum

Owns a CBF1000 FAC and a CB1300SA-A
Sad, but agree that's probably the the way to go now. Funny how it is though, there's another forum I belong to that is very active, and most members are not even FB users anyway (and don't intend to be, ever!).
Everyone knows Red VFRs are faster than any other colour. 

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